Italian Citizenship Scam in the town of Lodigiano

09 Nov 17

After investigations carried out by the finance police, 5 people have been arrested for corruption in the town of Lodigiano. The investigations revealed a system of bribery by public officials falsely confirming the presence of Brazilian nationals and granting residency, consequently leading to the obtainment of Italian citizenship through “ jure sanguinis”. The ring of corruption revolved around an agency in Monza, belonging to a Brazilian entrepreneur who charged Brazilians between 3,500 euro and 5,000 euro to bring the “process” forward,  while from this amount around 1250 euro ended up then in the pockets of public officials.

The scam allowed around 500 Brazilians to obtain residency and Italian citizenship in the year 2016 only, whom in reality, were never actually based in the Lodi area.  (


Helpful facts for Residency:

According to Italian Law, in addition to the formal registration with the town hall, residency is based on two fundamental elements:

  1. The first element is the physical presence in Italy, it must be regular and continuous, as opposed to sporadic and occasional. If an individual spends time both in Italy and in another country, the periods of presence outside of Italy are compared with the periods of presence in Italy in order to see which one is prevalent.
  2. The second element is subjective; based on an individual’s intention to stay and live in Italy for the foreseeable future. In order to determine an individual’s intention to live in Italy on a regular basis, reference is made to numerous aspects, including but not limited to an individual’s conduct, social and personal habits, working relationships, family relationships, business and personal activities.
This post was written by Ya Hsin
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